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Are you aiming to become an Internal Auditor in Malaysia or advance your career in this specialized field? MakeMyResume Malaysia offers a selection of tailored CV examples to assist you in crafting a standout resume. Whether you're an experienced auditor or embarking on your auditing journey, our CV samples are designed to help you effectively showcase your skills and experience in internal auditing for the Malaysian job market.

Salary Details in MYR

Internal Auditors in Malaysia can expect competitive salaries based on their experience, qualifications, and industry. On average, annual salaries for Internal Auditors in Malaysia range from MYR 50,000 to MYR 120,000 or more for seasoned professionals. Salary levels can vary depending on factors such as the industry, location, and the complexity of audit assignments. Our CV examples can guide you in presenting your expertise to negotiate a competitive salary package.

Key Skills

  • Risk Assessment: Highlight your ability to assess risks within an organization, develop risk profiles, and create audit plans to mitigate potential issues.
  • Audit Methodology: Describe your familiarity with audit methodologies, such as COSO or ISO, and your proficiency in conducting comprehensive audits.
  • Financial Analysis: Emphasize your financial analysis skills, including the ability to review financial statements and identify discrepancies.
  • Compliance: Showcase your expertise in ensuring organizational compliance with industry regulations and internal policies.
  • Data Analytics: Mention your proficiency in using data analytics tools and techniques to identify anomalies and trends during audits.
  • Report Writing: Illustrate your communication skills by describing your experience in preparing detailed audit reports and presenting findings to management.

Job Role and Responsibility

As an Internal Auditor in Malaysia, your responsibilities may include:

  • Planning and executing internal audits based on risk assessments and audit plans.
  • Evaluating internal controls, financial records, and operational processes for compliance and effectiveness.
  • Identifying weaknesses, inefficiencies, and potential risks, and providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Conducting interviews and collecting evidence to support audit findings.
  • Preparing comprehensive audit reports and presenting findings to management and stakeholders.
  • Monitoring and following up on the implementation of audit recommendations.

FAQ's with Answers Related to the Given Job Role

1.       Q: How should I emphasize my experience with risk assessment on my CV?

 A: Include examples of risk assessments you've conducted, the methodologies used, and how your assessments contributed to improved risk management.

2.       Q: Can I mention industry-specific certifications on my CV, such as Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)?

A: Absolutely, listing relevant certifications can enhance your credibility as an Internal Auditor.

3.       Q: Should I include soft skills like attention to detail on my CV for an auditing role?

A: Yes, soft skills like attention to detail, critical thinking, and communication are essential in auditing and should be highlighted.

4.       Q: How can I demonstrate my ability to work independently on my CV?

 A: Share examples of audit projects you've managed independently, from planning to reporting.

5.       Q: Is it beneficial to mention familiarity with audit software on my CV?

 A: Yes, mention any audit software you are proficient in, as it's relevant to the role.

6.       Q: Should I include my experiences with cross-functional teamwork on my CV as an auditor?

 A: Yes, teamwork and collaboration skills are valuable, especially when coordinating audits across departments.

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